Origins: Where We Came From

"PODO, simply put, realizes the potential we have in the Midwest; not only to embrace technology, but also to be leaders in molding the future of technology.”

A passion for technology and the ever-changing culture that surrounds it has always been a passion for the founders, Chris and Casey. This in turn led them to develop a workplace that was constantly innovating, thus PODO was started.

Vision: Becoming Leaders in Technology

The fact is that technology is not inherent to a single person or area. We believe that any person is able to learn, implement, and innovate technology in their life. Hence our vision to bring technological change to the Midwest, and not only adapt to the new technologies, but impact the rest of the world with our innovations. The reality is that the breakthroughs happening in the tech epicenters of the world can and will happen here.

Why the Midwest?

Because Midwesterners are known to have an excellent work ethic.